The School


Rebuilding the primary school in Charikot, Dholaka District.

This particular village is extremely poor and very difficult to reach. It will be one of the last places to rebuild if it weren’t for support from people like you.

The relief effort will also benefit the community. All building supplies will be purchased within Nepal. Additionally, it will be the community itself taking the lead to rebuild the school. This will ensure that the school and community will get exactly what is really needed.


Cost to build the School: $24,900

  •   $6,000 materials
  •   $7,500 material transport costs to Charikot
  •   $1,800 desks and benches
  •   $1,000 school supplies
  •   $2,000 laptops
  •   $4,500 solar power for lights and internet
  •   $1,200 internet
  •   $900 heat/stove
Funds raised to date: $15,000

We need to raise an additional $9,900 to complete the project.


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