Tumbuk Monastery and Community Building

We are raising money to repair the damage and reinforce the structure of the Tumbuk Monastery itself. We will also rebuild the completely collapsed monastery’s kitchen and community building.

Now the local people lack a common place for gatherings during the ritual performances, festivals and special events. The place was also used for organizing meetings, workshops, teaching and learning for the community. Therefore, there is an urgent need to rebuild an earthquake resistant community building and kitchen in a safer land area near the monastery. The proposed community building and kitchen construction project is aiming to fulfill the needs of reestablishing the facilities for the community.

This project costs over $13,000 but the village leadership has raised more than half through Nepali government programs and NGO monies through The Himalayan Trust. We hope to fill the gap with the remaining $5500.

This project has tremendous oversight, a local committee with multiple signatories:
  • Hakpa Sherpa, the uncle of a local CU student Pasang Lama, will be present on site during construction
  • Boulder’s own Paradise Family
  • Mission Nepal’s own Heather Bulk will be visiting the site in August of 2018.


Update 2/19/17:

Less that $3,000 needed to complete the project!